Before, behind & between

Tree and sea

The fragile rhythm of three
Juniper trees dancing across
The street creates a metronome
Turning the world away
From darkness to embrace
Breathtaking illumination
Rising in the east

These coniferous columns
Murmur nature’s pre-ordained harmonies
As they swoop, sway and swerve
With the weather’s evolving disposition

Suggesting the delusional logic siblings
Of whom I have less than one
But more than many
Use to justify, abolish or reinforce
Their position in the scheme of things

It is just the three of them
The one before
The one behind
And the one between
Choreographing their svelte response
To the unseen power
Of pressure that builds
Hot and cold
Fast and slow
Low and high
Before finally colliding to create
A promise of turbulence
And transformation
As the calm and quiet
Of lost reverie returns
The next celestial cycle
To the other side of the horizon

Precipitation is expected


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