Cracking Out Of Turn

LichtensteinPete2Fascinated by the flights of my fancy
I would strive to be be bold
In their preparation while
Bringing brilliance to their production
Which one hoped might lead
To a presentation both bodacious and beautiful
Not unlike Cicero or the smallest volume of Black
Label decanted into some smart Baccarat cistern
These would stir me surround
Me seduce me to attention as a wave
Of glory and well-being engulfed me engulfed
The streets I searched for my lost car

Engulfed everyone and everything for as far
As the eye could sea but then so white
Were the cliffs of my Dover the waves
Grew steep, choppy, irregular
In their frenzied motion which I took
Foolishly to signify power falling
Drowning, sinking, rising in fact
All over everything as it always does

Soaking that which cannot be
Soaked submerging that which cannot
Be submerged flattening itself
Completely into a smooth, calm
One might almost call a tranquil aura
Of undigestible liquidity and darkness
The saline nature of this rolling, shape-shifting
Mass would surely (pardon my subjunctive)
Short-sheet you while sleeping
The sleep of innocence unknown
Short-sheet you while picking up
The dirty laundry only
To pop it in the machine
Hang it out to dry, box it up
Have it back before you ever knew
It was gone
And give you three years to pay
Interest-free… No money down
No payments for six months
F.O.B. your face
Operators are standing by
Jacked up on all the imaginary mirrors
They put in the milk these days
But, hey – Don’t take me word for it
Find one of your own
And if you’re not completely satisfied
We’ll take it off your hands
One hundred percent

What do you have
To lose?


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