Prescriptive Easement

Eminent Domain

Funny Chihuahua peeping out the frame

A dog will lift its leg
against any tree anytime
with no regard for the depth
of its roots
or where its shade might fall

As the brown cardboard boxes
are emptied and flattened
into a recyclable pile
out by the well-fed garage
it seems obvious

There is something of this
primitive humor in those of us
who walk upright and lift
our legs alone in small
rooms before still water


The mutt marks the tree
because it is there
and it is in him to do so
he takes no deed and files no lien
with each natural call he makes

His master though marks
the size and location of each dogwood
oak or conifer believing what
he sees is somehow his
untouched by the swift-moving river
that flows throughout all


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