Green Phoenix Rising

Detail of green spruce needles texture; Shutterstock ID 93578281; PO: The Huffington Post; Job: The Huffington Post; Client: The Huffington Post; Other: The Huffington Post

Pine needles lay strewn
In a random fashion on the floor
Where the tree used to be
It wasn’t even a real tree
So why should it shed needles?
And why does the shedding seem
So final and ominous?
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Medium Cool


For those of us who remember the turmoil and the deception of the 1960s, Medium Cool (an iconic, journalistic phrase, if ever there was one!) stands out as a bravura performance by acclaimed cinematographer Haskell Wexler.

Once upon a time, this film would have been considered incomprehensible to the general movie audience. ┬áSo what’s going on when an experimental, radical film like “Medium Cool” can get this sort of exposure?

Even five years ago, most Hollywood movies insisted on stopping at B on their way from A to C. Directors were driven by a fierce compulsion to explain how the characters got out of that train and up to the top of the mountain.
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