Pushing Stones

Sisyphus In Reverse

Mathematics, ingenuity and cunning
Have transported stones of backbreaking immensity
Steadily, albeit slowly up
Steeply inclined planes to perch majestically
Atop invisible peaks oft obscured by clouds
These steeple-like land masses
Mark the glacier-clad apex of this spinning orb
We call home for now so driven by desire
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My Favorite Year


To call this movie enjoyable is to do a great disservice to the English language.  At heart a comedy from 1982, this wistful tale relays in pictures one young man’s fascination with the glory days of the motion picture industry.  Mark Linn-Baker plays Benjy Stone, who also happens to be the narrator of this engrossing story.  Stone is a junior comedy writer for a variety show starring Stan ‘King’ Kaiser.  As a special upcoming guest, they find the famous (though largely washed-up) Alan Swann (portrayed by Peter O’Toole), a swashbuckling actor from Hollywood’s golden era.  However, when Swann shows up, they realize that he is roaring drunk.  Kaiser is all set to dump him when Benjy intervenes and promises to keep him sober during the week leading up to the show.

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Fraud & Felony

Double Indemnity


One of the most compelling film noir dramas of all time,  Double Indemnity, directed by Billy Wilder, opened on September 6, 1944 and was an immediate hit with audiences everywhere.  The production was budgeted at just under $1,000,000, a somewhat modest figure for that era.  This curious parable from one of the most respected and revered film makers of all time went on to take in more than $5,720,000 before 1944 came to a close.

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