Trumpeting Triumph


Then at the laundromat washing
Once more the dog’s bed cover
He notices the spin
The cleansing rinse
Everything that goes around
Comes around he reminds himself
Thinking of leaders and parking meters
He remembers anew the wisdom of Lowell George:


Sunrise… sunset
Since the beginning
It hasn’t changed yet
People fly high
Begin to lose sight
You can’t see very clear
When you’re in flight
The same people you abuse
On your way up
You might meet up
On your way down


Of course the newspaper
Which I’ve brought with me
Carries a similar message
It lies in the wrap-around spade
An advertising supplement, as it were
From the City of Hope:
It has to do with giving
There is a colorful mosaic
Of a headline separated
Into chunks of discernible shapes
Which read:

We don’t believe
The future can wait
For the future


Then I recall studying
Over breakfast this morning
My son’s chemistry
Notes.  I was struck
By how these paths or orbits
Reserved for electrons had a very
Planetary feel – Almost implying
The broken nature of our universe
And how each of us has the obligation
Or opportunity to repair the broken
Vessels and yet we often
Prefer to deny this or park it
Somewhere in the department
Of later


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