What We Lose


At first it was marked
By two white lines thickly
Laid onto coarse asphalt
Parallel to each other
Defining space
For machines of transport

Then it became last night’s meal
A gastronomic incursion
Composed of now anonymous
Intake miscellaneous proteins
Lipids and building blocks
Gone into out of used
Translated transubstantiated
Into energy absorbed
With heat only to be lost
At last
todoAfter a while
There were the labels
The monikers the names
The words we used to use
To identify our humor
Our perspective
Our take on things

Soon we saw our loved ones
Carried along on this swift and beautiful
Current believing it to be a tragedy
A torment terrible
A leave-taking when in fact
It may just be the curious
Bardo between lives
And we never noticed
The station master’s smile
When he took our ticket


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