The Early Bird Special

Throughout history
It has been important
To be the first one to awaken
On Christmas morning

The early bird gets the worm
And all that
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Marie Antoinette

An adroit commentary on desire and the loneliness of being female in a world that knows how to use you but not how to value and understand you, Sofia Coppola’s insightful film reveals little about the politics of the period.  This is because we are entirely within Marie’s world.  And this world is fully contained within Versailles, which shuts out all external reality.  It is a self-governing architectural island, much like Charles Foster Kane’s  Xanadu – where politics, reality and poverty have no place.
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Citizen Kane

Orson Welles first gained national notoriety with his astounding radio broadcast on October 30, 1938.  Radio was the big deal back then and Welles conceived a retelling, of sorts, of the H.G. Welles classic, ‘War of the Worlds’.   In his adaptation for radio, Welles broke the sequence of events down into discrete parts – complete with sound effects and on-the-scene news reports of the invading aliens.

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