Bird on a Wire

Losing Leonard Cohen

The birds awaken the recalcitrant riser
Their soulful tweets a reminder
That in this world collaboration
Cooperation and compassion are essential

We admire their spontaneity
Their zest and faith in the future
These tiny creatures may in fact
Save the planet someday
Winged messengers of relief
And redemption they will fill
The branched and bushes with song
Reminding us then of Ornate Coleman
Camp stoves by Coleman, Cy Coleman
And the flatted fifth from Witchcraft
We wish we had to hex them now
So as to return to the slumbering
Samsara we never really left

Then of course Alfred Hitchcock
Charlie Parker, Neil Young and the lost
Hens of Hawaii know all about that

In the distance the frantic car
Alarm protects the possession
Of that emblem of manufactured transport
Which draws the ardor of fluttering feathers
Falling like rain
In a drought-torn desert

Then at the pool before the rays
The gardeners and their machines
Send the bird I thought I was
Winging away from it’s wire









































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