Gone on the Fourth of July


A freedom based on tribute
A king not to be contained
The colonists balked
The parliament talked
And the Red Coats still remained

They laid out their When In The Course reasoning
Citing tyrants, natural rights
And maybe even a little Me & Bobby McGee


Their logic was flawless
Still, in poking a tiger
One must anticipate teeth



Which leads to one of the strangest conspiracy-cum coincidences of our time

James Monroe was the third president and founding father
To die on July 4th.

Five years earlier – on the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, longtime friends and occasional rivals Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died.

Some took it as an omen
An eiree confluence of events
Signifying something….
Gained or lost they could not say




In his eulogy, Representative Daniel Webster
of Massachusetts suggested that their deaths
were a sign that God was protecting the nation.



“As their lives themselves                                                                            
Were the gifts of Providence,              
who is not willing to recognize
In their happy termination
As well as in their long continuance
Proofs that our country and its benefactors
Are objects of his care.”




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