The perch I past
Some say vacant, remedial
A filled-out form
From where I once found
This world
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Putney Swope

So, here we have a motion picture that all but defies categorization.  This piece of guerrilla warfare, directed by Robert Downey Sr. (not to be confused with that other Downey) takes aim at the role advertising plays in our media-obsessed culture.  Made almost 50 years ago, it is difficult to find a more telling assessment of how we, as a society, merchandise desire.
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Rocco and His Brothers

When people speak of the Italian New Wave, at least as it relates to cinema, they are often discussing the piercing work of Luchino Visconti.  There are, of course, numerous other film makers who made a splash during this era (1955-1970), but none captured the ethos of what it meant to be starting out in life during a post-fascist world quite like Mr. Visconti.  His bold commentary on familial values, duties and the perks of being young, as seen in his epic tale, Rocco and His Brothers, stirs up many memories, lost opportunities and often a few regrets.
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