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Lighting Laughs

Smoke, Humor & Broadcasting

So now reading in the New York Times Book Review
We learn how pervasive and almost laughable
The advertising business once was

Ken Auletta tells the story
Of a joke, cigarettes and The Jack Benny Program
The show, from 1948, was sponsored by Lucky Strike.
Benny tells his wife, Mary Livingstone, that he was
Calling the cigarette’s ad agency, Batton, Barton, Durstine & Osborne
She replies, “Sounds like a steamer trunk falling
Down a flight of stairs.”

Now what is even more humorous
Is that I met the guy who not only wrote
the ‘Trunk falling down’ line, but also
Some of the most memorable ad lines imaginable.

His name was Ed Bigelow
And, yes, he smoked Lucky Strike cigarettes
Like they were going out of style
He also put words into the mouth
Of the great Orson Welles

Who, past the lofty zenith of his career
Served as a spokesman of sorts
For Paul Masson Wines
In the TV spots that Ed wrote,
Orson closes his pitch with the line:
“Paul Masson will sell no wine before its time.”


Thanks, Ed!
(In case anyone asks.)